Colour Me Wine! Pesco in Fiore

A unique experience, on the occasion of the peach blossom, to spend an afternoon of relaxation and fun in the name of art, nature, wine and quality food.

Create your own work of art with the help of a teacher, in a fantastic natural setting, surrounded by vineyards and peach orchards. We will take you on a walk through the vineyards, while Sofia will tell you about the farm, 

After reaching the painting area, we will serve a welcome aperitif with "Rosè Brioso", a sparkling rosé wine with natural fermentation, while we get familiar with brushes and colours. You will have the opportunity to stimulate your creativity to create your own painting, first in pencil and then with acrylic paints, freely taking inspiration from the landscape around you, in particular the peach trees in bloom. 

Following the painting session, we will go to the dedicated area where we will be able to taste two rosé wines from the Gianluca Fugolo winery, accompanied by quality cold cuts and cheeses. 


Art Experience and Wine Tasting between Peaches Bloom - CittàdiLazise (