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ZF4 Cellar in Historical Center of Lazise

The ZF4 aging cellar is located in the historic center of Lazise, ​​close to the recently renovated medieval historic walls.

An arch leads to the charming outdoor garden, through which you enter the tasting area and wine shop. Entering the courtyard, you immediately feel the sensation of returning to an era with a rural flavor: you will experience the sensation of immersing yourself in an atmosphere with scents and settings of other times.

Three types of tastings proposed, the wines are accompanied with quality local food, from the story of the family, the production methods and the types of wines; it will also be possible to taste the extra virgin olive oil of Garda and grappa, always of own production.

Classic Tasting

The tasting includes 6 different wines, starting with white and claret, passing through Bardolino and coming to savor three important vintages of red wines, Syrah, So and Ettore, all accompanied by platters of quality cured meats and cheeses from the territory .

    White Banks IGT 2018 B Agricultural Company F.lli Zanoni
    Bard. Chiaretto DOC 2018 B Az. Agr. Giovanna Tantini
    Bardolino DOC 2015 R Az. Agr. Giovanna Tantini
    Thus IGT 2013 R Agricultural Company F.lli Zanoni
    Syrah IGT 2015 R Agricultural Company F.lli Zanoni
    Ettore IGT 2011 R Az. Agr. Giovanna Tantini


Summer Tasting:

We will taste four fresh and light wines typically summer or autumn: a white ITG “Banche Bianche”, a Custoza and a Bardolino Chiaretto DOC, to finish with an IGT rosé, the “Così Rosè”.


Rose Tasting:

This experience will lead you to discover it will lead you to discover 4 rosé wines: a claret DOC and a pure Corvina DOC from the Giovanna Tantini Winery, and two IGTs from the ZF4 Winery: a rosé of Corvina and Syrah grapes and a Syrah sparkling wine.


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