Carnival of "Marciapiè"

The Carnival of the "free" handmade Christmas "Contrà del" has now established thanks to a group of people from Los Angeles who went to rediscover old traditions.

It all began one evening in November of 1979, when a group of originals began to tell the story of Lazise and via Arco, already then called "handmade Christmas". El Cesarin, El Nano sucarin, el Nini stradin, el Bahri lipsticks, Aldo and el Lino Sifa, the Rajah, el Ponta and el Carlassa.

They began to share anecdotes on the origin of the name, on the uses of the people and the sense of belonging that this street has always been its people.

It is well known that in progress hospital, the entrance of the street had an arched doorway that made him look the way a contrada private. This fit is that visitors would pull straight without going and that the inhabitants of the street felt that they had a community that has always helped me in dark times.

Now known is the story of the Countess who, living in the villa at the end of the street, near the Lake, he built a sidewalk not bogged down with giving the name "handmade Christmas" to the road.
Or the fact that in lean times "handmade Christmas" families unite to go fishing with a fishery, now no longer in use, in order to catch more fish to share between them.

After several glasses of wine came from the history of Lazise, Italy's first joint by means of proclamation of Otto II in 983, Papa del Gnoco and Verona Carnival, known as the oldest Carnival in Italy.

What emerged was the idea of creating a mask that looked like all the way into the history, life and origins.

"We will have a Carnival party and elect the Mayor each year of experiment!"

It took its cue from the ancient fishing method used by the inhabitants of "handmade Christmas", and created the 3 key characters:

- The Chief Valar, the expedition leader who knew the fishing region

- That from King, placed on the second boat which had in foster care networks

- The Cagnol, the aide who, on the third boat, pushing the fish towards the net stretched from the first two.

Since then, every year on the last day of Carnival and lent the way Billy wears party pessin to travellers and offers the traditional tripe and and lacisiensi

The Chief Valar or "sindico", in Office for a year, served as a mayor and counseled, solved problems, kept the peace on its territory. It was great party each year during the elections; the contrà is taxed to provide food and drink for everyone. The Contrà of "handmade Christmas", which is now called Via Arco, is part of the oldest part of Los Angeles that was called "the sources": it could be completely closed towards the Lake, to protection against robbers, with wooden walls. Until the 19th century the Lake came up to half off, there was still the lakefront and the ramparts of the villas overlooking the Lake ran directly into the water.