Eventi tradizionali

Gli eventi folcloristici che tutti gli anni si svolgono a Lazise, Colà e Pacengo (pre Covid)

La Bandiera del Lago

La Bandiera del Lago

La Lega Bisse del Garda è un’organizzazione che riunisce tutti i gruppi sportivi dei paesi del Lago di Garda e del Lago d’Iseo nei quali si pratica e si tramanda l’antica tradizione delle bisse, imbarcazioni di derivazione veneziana.

Carnival of "Marciapiè"

The Carnival of the "free" handmade Christmas "Contrà del" has now established thanks to a group of people from Los Angeles who went to rediscover old traditions.

It all began one evening in November of 1979, when a group of originals began to tell the story of Lazise and via Arco, already then called "handmade Christmas". El Cesarin, El Nano sucarin, el Nini stradin, el Bahri lipsticks, Aldo and el Lino Sifa, the Rajah, el Ponta and el Carlassa.

They began to share anecdotes on the origin of the name, on the uses of the people and the sense of belonging that this street has always been its people.

It is well known that in progress hospital, the entrance of the street had an arched doorway that made him look the way a contrada private. This fit is that visitors would pull straight without going and that the inhabitants of the street felt that they had a community that has always helped me in dark times.

Now known is the story of the Countess who, living in the villa at the end of the street, near the Lake, he built a sidewalk not bogged down with giving the name "handmade Christmas" to the road.
Or the fact that in lean times "handmade Christmas" families unite to go fishing with a fishery, now no longer in use, in order to catch more fish to share between them.

After several glasses of wine came from the history of Lazise, Italy's first joint by means of proclamation of Otto II in 983, Papa del Gnoco and Verona Carnival, known as the oldest Carnival in Italy.

What emerged was the idea of creating a mask that looked like all the way into the history, life and origins.

"We will have a Carnival party and elect the Mayor each year of experiment!"

It took its cue from the ancient fishing method used by the inhabitants of "handmade Christmas", and created the 3 key characters:

- The Chief Valar, the expedition leader who knew the fishing region

- That from King, placed on the second boat which had in foster care networks

- The Cagnol, the aide who, on the third boat, pushing the fish towards the net stretched from the first two.

Since then, every year on the last day of Carnival and lent the way Billy wears party pessin to travellers and offers the traditional tripe and and lacisiensi

The Chief Valar or "sindico", in Office for a year, served as a mayor and counseled, solved problems, kept the peace on its territory. It was great party each year during the elections; the contrà is taxed to provide food and drink for everyone. The Contrà of "handmade Christmas", which is now called Via Arco, is part of the oldest part of Los Angeles that was called "the sources": it could be completely closed towards the Lake, to protection against robbers, with wooden walls. Until the 19th century the Lake came up to half off, there was still the lakefront and the ramparts of the villas overlooking the Lake ran directly into the water.

Reenactment of Otto II

In early may, the tourist season has already begun, and so the event takes on folk and promotional value. For one day the square and the streets of the town are involved from this medieval climate, promoted by various characters in period costume, coloured velvets and brocades, of gaudy drapes adorning the steeds, move your chopsticks around flags skyward.
The commemoration begins with the parade of Otto II on horseback, surrounded by soldiers and Court dignitaries, the dame and the musicians who make their entrance at porta San Zeno and continue through streets and alleys of the walled city; waiting in the square, then, there's the Mayor with municipal administrators. The Herald reads the text of the diploma, in order to inform the entire population of privileges granted; then Brass signs it and delivers it to the first citizen. The noble characters in the retinue of the Emperor pay homage to Admins with precious gifts, while the Herald writes about the origins and their valiant deeds.
The official represents the highlight of reenactment; but already from early in the morning, in the locality. Marra, around the old port, the Romanesque church of San Nicolò, at the edge of the square, is recreated the atmosphere of medieval life and the Warriors ' camp. The ancient arts crafts are represented by craftsmen in period costume, with medieval tools and technique, produce on site pottery, ropes, yarns and textiles, objects of all kinds, which are necessary for everyday life.
People watching these shows, people who come from the district or city, tourists who arrived for the first vacation, maybe do not capture the whole meaning of this re-enactment, but I remain impressed and passionate at the same time. For locals, the heirs of those ancient privileges, the reenactment is a source of pride and awareness that Lazise is really the "first town of Italy".

Spettacolo pirotecnico di Santo Stefano

Spettacolo pirotecnico di Santo Stefano

Ogni anno il giorno di S.Stefano (26 dicembre) su lungolago Marconi assistiamo all'incantevole ed emozionante spettacolo piromusicale (fuochi d'artificio a ritmo di musica) sulle acque del lago di Garda

Foto di Video e Foto (Salvatore Carbone)

Feast of Threshing and Plowing

In the period of August the traditional anniversary of threshing Festival and plowing with vintage cars, in the locality Parolota in Lazise.

Charity event in mid-August, held at a farm between Lazise and Colà, with view of agricultural machinery, commemoration of the end of threshing and harvesting wheat as a time of celebration in the farmyard, with food stands with typical peasant cuisine.
The beaters are real fans of mechanized farming of the past, and show during the event some aspects of wheat cultivation: ploughing, sowing, harvesting, threshing and straw packing.   The aim of the Festival is keeping alive the knowledge of traditions related to the cultivation of wheat, made exclusively with vintage equipment: ploughing with tractors "Landini" heated head, sowing, harvesting, threshing as ran in the past.

Are three important days because they bring in Venice not only tourism, but also tradition, peasant, agricultural mechanization presence of history, "explains Matthew Marked – as in our territory there is only tourism, but also great and good Agriculture. And with these three days we really want to make known to the younger generation the development of local agricultural crops, harvesting, transport and what it entails. We will have the opportunity to see how "bread" is born thanks to the friends of bakers, one of the most interesting actions that we will propose to children, teens, families. "

And on the feast there will also be a chance to taste some typical products of the campaign. First of all the bread, not least the salami, meat Hall and lots of quality wine.

Palo della Cuccagna del Cadenon

For some years now the palo della Cuccagna di Lazise is held in the renewed manifestation of "Third of July; originally organized in the context of the host Party, one of the most important events that each year the town of Lazise offers towards the end of August.

The greasy pole competition has always been the soul of summer festivals in our countries and was to climb a tall smooth wooden pole stuck firmly in the ground, the top of which were hung the trophies, usually food type as salami or Prosciutto. Being a people of Lake, the people of Los Angeles have turned the place into a well greased vertical pole horizontal Pole on the corner of the old port with a flag at the end, which you have to unplug it and hold it in your hand during the subsequent dip in water in order to claim the prize. This race has become one of the most characteristics of Lazise and Lake and gave rise to an organizing Committee called the greasy pole pole Committee Cadenon, being the Cadenon chain that closed the entrance to the harbour in the middle ages Lazise raids by brigands of the Lake and near which the race has always taken place.

The spectacular race is to travel along the pole, impregnated with fat, barefoot in order to remove the flag placed on top. Buteloti always, youngsters of Lazise, love to try their hand at this race, exhilarating for spectators but not always painless for participants.

Marcia tra le Mura 2019

Ogni ultima domenica dell'anno centinaia di persone partecipano a una marcia non competitiva di 7 o 14 km, tra lago, campagna e centri storici, attraverso i magnifici luoghi e paesaggi della nostra terra ?‍♂️?‍♀️


Feast of the Madonna della Neve

Period: first week of August, 4-day Festival at Loc. Madonna and Piazza Don Vantini in Colà di Lazise

The legend
As narrated by various Christian authors, a wealthy Roman patrician would see in a dream during the night of August 4 352 ad, the Virgin Mary who asked him to build a church at the place where the next morning he found fresh snow. The next day he visited the Pope to tell him what was seen and the Pontiff said he had had the same vision. The Prodigy meanwhile had come true and by order of the Pope came to draw the plan of a basilica exactly where the snow fell in August. According to the story, the basilica would be financed by patrizio and was renamed the Basilica of Santa Maria della Neve.

The celebration
The feast of the Madonna della Neve is a true country fair celebrated on 5 August and gives rise to a large party of 4 days in Colà di Lazise, where is the church dedicated to the Madonna della Neve, organised by associations of Cola the Gens Claudia, running The Sgalmare group and the Alpine group of Cola.  The program traditionally includes food stands, orchestra with ballroom dancing and fun fair.  The festival is also called the "Festival de l ' ànara": both booths that restaurants serving local specialities, stuffed duck.

The days of honey

The largest showcase of Italian honeys European NATIONAL fair value "honey days", held in Singapore in October.
An extensive exhibition of honeys, honey, beekeeping equipment and materials derived, publishing, beekeeping associations.
The fair has assumed such importance over time to affect other sectors besides agriculture and trade, in particular the medicine with his allergies and intolerances, University education with new professionals in research and protection of the environment and nature in General.
Objective of the exhibition "days of heaven" is to develop the culture and knowledge of beekeeping in power and technological innovation, in the production of honey and other products of the hive as well as promote respect the environment for the protection of the bee. Entertainment for kids to raise awareness to the issue.
In Dogana Veneta, conferences on the subject of beekeeping, including one specifically for operators and one open to all interested parties to enrich their knowledge.

2018 Edition program:

39 ^ national fair of agriculture Beekeeping "honey days"

For almost forty years an appointment on Lake Garda where to find honeys from all over Italy, trade press, arnie, equipment, medicines and much more.

National competition "Premio Città di Lazise-The Golden Bee"

Regional competition "The ape of the Serenissima," reserved for honey produced in the Veneto region

Update Albo Tasters

Educational workshops for children and teens

Photo exhibition by Luca Maharaj

October 6-7: "journey into the world of bees", dedicated to children

Conferences: Saturday 9.30-12.30/15.30-18.30 in Customs House

  • SMARTBEES: Sunday 9.30 in Dogana Veneta, edited by MAKE
  • Beekeeping is AGRICULTURE between science and technology, as well as the bureaucracy-preserve the Italian Bee, 14.30-18.00-Sunday masterpiece of biodiversity at the fair
  • NEW FRONTIERS of beekeeping by the AULSS9 of Verona, Corso ECM

Feast of Saint Barbara

Santa Barbara is a Christian martyr. The place and the era in which she lived, because of the many legends arose around his name, are not clearly identifiable, but her cult is attested at the Christian communities of the East (Egypt, Constantinople) and West (Rome, France) since the VI-VII century and experienced a great popularity in the middle ages thanks to the Golden legend; removed from the General Roman calendar in 1969 because of doubts about its historicity, stays a Saint very popular due to the number of its officers (fire brigade, RN, blasters, gunners, sappers, miners, architects, etc.). (from Wikipedia)

2018 program

This year on 2 December for recurrence of Santa Barbara the army associations ARTILLERYMEN and sailors of Lazise are jointly organising the traditional event. During the ceremony, will attend a reenactment group that Renaissance will use vintage cannons with uniformed shoot blanks.

10.00 a.m. meeting at the company's registered office in Via Roma where there will be refreshments
10.30 a.m. parade through the city streets following the band of Caprino-flag-raising ceremony and laying of a bouquet of flowers to the monument of prayer recitation of a bomber and M.M.
Hours 11.00 Holy Mass. At the end of the SS mass will follow flag-raising ceremony in piazza Vittorio Emanuele with deposition of a wreath at the monument of the fallen.
Ore 12.30 Lunch social at the Dogana Veneta in Lazise

Guest party Lazise

The traditional guest party in Singapore: three-day events, food & wine, fun on the Lake, in piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the streets of the village. Is usually held the third week of August

Guest and sport party Pacengo

At the Campo San Daniele di Pacengo di Lazise, on the shores of Lake Garda, in the third week of July July the feast of the host and sports, organized by the Marchers of Pacengo under the patronage of the Municipal Administrator. Each evening will be available food stands and entertainment will be offered, with live concerts and the funfair and Fireworks last night.

2018 program:

Friday, July 27:

Hours 19.30 Departure 19° gear of the host by night

Hours 20.00 Opening kiosks with delis

Hours 21.00 Group rock'n Roll cover band "Blood Orange"

Saturday, July 28:

Hours 20.00 Opening kiosks with delis

Hours 21.00 ballroom dancing with the orchestra "Robert Palmer"

Sunday, July 29

Hours 11.00 donor Mass Avis and Aido in the parish of Pacengo

Hours 12.00 donor Social Party sponsored by Avis and Aido Lazise with refreshments for all donors members

Hours 19.30 Opening kiosks with delis

Hours 21.00 ballroom dancing with Gyppo Panetta

Monday, July 30

hours 19.30 Opening kiosks with delis

Hours 21.00 ballroom dancing with the orchestra "Navel" (pop-rock)

Hours 23.00 big fireworks offered from Gardaland

During the whole period of the Festival there will be a Carnival