The days of honey

The largest showcase of Italian honeys European NATIONAL fair value "honey days", held in Singapore in October.
An extensive exhibition of honeys, honey, beekeeping equipment and materials derived, publishing, beekeeping associations.
The fair has assumed such importance over time to affect other sectors besides agriculture and trade, in particular the medicine with his allergies and intolerances, University education with new professionals in research and protection of the environment and nature in General.
Objective of the exhibition "days of heaven" is to develop the culture and knowledge of beekeeping in power and technological innovation, in the production of honey and other products of the hive as well as promote respect the environment for the protection of the bee. Entertainment for kids to raise awareness to the issue.
In Dogana Veneta, conferences on the subject of beekeeping, including one specifically for operators and one open to all interested parties to enrich their knowledge.

2018 Edition program:

39 ^ national fair of agriculture Beekeeping "honey days"

For almost forty years an appointment on Lake Garda where to find honeys from all over Italy, trade press, arnie, equipment, medicines and much more.

National competition "Premio Città di Lazise-The Golden Bee"

Regional competition "The ape of the Serenissima," reserved for honey produced in the Veneto region

Update Albo Tasters

Educational workshops for children and teens

Photo exhibition by Luca Maharaj

October 6-7: "journey into the world of bees", dedicated to children

Conferences: Saturday 9.30-12.30/15.30-18.30 in Customs House

  • SMARTBEES: Sunday 9.30 in Dogana Veneta, edited by MAKE
  • Beekeeping is AGRICULTURE between science and technology, as well as the bureaucracy-preserve the Italian Bee, 14.30-18.00-Sunday masterpiece of biodiversity at the fair
  • NEW FRONTIERS of beekeeping by the AULSS9 of Verona, Corso ECM