Palo della Cuccagna del Cadenon

For some years now the palo della Cuccagna di Lazise is held in the renewed manifestation of "Third of July; originally organized in the context of the host Party, one of the most important events that each year the town of Lazise offers towards the end of August.

The greasy pole competition has always been the soul of summer festivals in our countries and was to climb a tall smooth wooden pole stuck firmly in the ground, the top of which were hung the trophies, usually food type as salami or Prosciutto. Being a people of Lake, the people of Los Angeles have turned the place into a well greased vertical pole horizontal Pole on the corner of the old port with a flag at the end, which you have to unplug it and hold it in your hand during the subsequent dip in water in order to claim the prize. This race has become one of the most characteristics of Lazise and Lake and gave rise to an organizing Committee called the greasy pole pole Committee Cadenon, being the Cadenon chain that closed the entrance to the harbour in the middle ages Lazise raids by brigands of the Lake and near which the race has always taken place.

The spectacular race is to travel along the pole, impregnated with fat, barefoot in order to remove the flag placed on top. Buteloti always, youngsters of Lazise, love to try their hand at this race, exhilarating for spectators but not always painless for participants.