Feast of Threshing and Plowing

In the period of August the traditional anniversary of threshing Festival and plowing with vintage cars, in the locality Parolota in Lazise.

Charity event in mid-August, held at a farm between Lazise and Colà, with view of agricultural machinery, commemoration of the end of threshing and harvesting wheat as a time of celebration in the farmyard, with food stands with typical peasant cuisine.
The beaters are real fans of mechanized farming of the past, and show during the event some aspects of wheat cultivation: ploughing, sowing, harvesting, threshing and straw packing.   The aim of the Festival is keeping alive the knowledge of traditions related to the cultivation of wheat, made exclusively with vintage equipment: ploughing with tractors "Landini" heated head, sowing, harvesting, threshing as ran in the past.

Are three important days because they bring in Venice not only tourism, but also tradition, peasant, agricultural mechanization presence of history, "explains Matthew Marked – as in our territory there is only tourism, but also great and good Agriculture. And with these three days we really want to make known to the younger generation the development of local agricultural crops, harvesting, transport and what it entails. We will have the opportunity to see how "bread" is born thanks to the friends of bakers, one of the most interesting actions that we will propose to children, teens, families. "

And on the feast there will also be a chance to taste some typical products of the campaign. First of all the bread, not least the salami, meat Hall and lots of quality wine.