Reenactment of Otto II

In early may, the tourist season has already begun, and so the event takes on folk and promotional value. For one day the square and the streets of the town are involved from this medieval climate, promoted by various characters in period costume, coloured velvets and brocades, of gaudy drapes adorning the steeds, move your chopsticks around flags skyward.
The commemoration begins with the parade of Otto II on horseback, surrounded by soldiers and Court dignitaries, the dame and the musicians who make their entrance at porta San Zeno and continue through streets and alleys of the walled city; waiting in the square, then, there's the Mayor with municipal administrators. The Herald reads the text of the diploma, in order to inform the entire population of privileges granted; then Brass signs it and delivers it to the first citizen. The noble characters in the retinue of the Emperor pay homage to Admins with precious gifts, while the Herald writes about the origins and their valiant deeds.
The official represents the highlight of reenactment; but already from early in the morning, in the locality. Marra, around the old port, the Romanesque church of San Nicolò, at the edge of the square, is recreated the atmosphere of medieval life and the Warriors ' camp. The ancient arts crafts are represented by craftsmen in period costume, with medieval tools and technique, produce on site pottery, ropes, yarns and textiles, objects of all kinds, which are necessary for everyday life.
People watching these shows, people who come from the district or city, tourists who arrived for the first vacation, maybe do not capture the whole meaning of this re-enactment, but I remain impressed and passionate at the same time. For locals, the heirs of those ancient privileges, the reenactment is a source of pride and awareness that Lazise is really the "first town of Italy".